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Though European Cursive styles of handwriting have some unique letter formations, the majority of the letters can be easily recognized by their similarity to North American cursive styles.

Firstly, the Simple Alphabet displayed on page 1-2 is an efficient and legible style to use for notes and letters.  Elementary school children in Austria learn this simple, cursive alphabet style  in Gr. 1 and  a year later they begin manuscript printing.  An even handpressure is acceptable for the Simple Alphabet.  Following the suggestions on pages 1 to 15 should be a good introduction to this style.

Secondly, the Traditional Alphabet which is displayed on pages 16-17 is from France before the 1950’s.  This Alphabet was taught with pressure variations which you can see in the size of the dots that form the first letters on pages 16 and 17.  Small dots mean use light hand pressure with your pen while larger dots mean use heavier hand pressure.  Light pressure is usually done on the side and up stroke and the heavier hand pressure is on the down stroke. This Traditional European Alphabet is a beautiful style for verses of cards and poems, and for personalized letters or documents. Following the course from pages 16-31 should give you an understanding of this unique style.  You are encouraged to view the demonstration of this alphabet in the video library on this site accessible on the home page menu bar.

Book10, European Handwriting_SamplePDF

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