Book 6, Handwriting Exercise


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A most interesting way to learn legible cursive handwriting at a young age. The practice page begins with an alphabet of 3/16″ size capital letters (which is 3/4’s of a line) which the student handwrites below the example. Then he does the alphabet again carefully copying it onto a business card-style box which is right next to the example. He may decorate the little box with a border.  The next day the student continues with a Bible verse  following the same method.  Completing a box looks quite attainable in one sitting taking less than 10 minutes. One is encouraged to decorate each box with a border pattern as it also promotes muscle control and perseverance while developing aesthetics and good taste. Be sure to hold the pen correctly so the proper muscles are strengthened with use. The student may be encouraged to continue to maintain and develop the penmanship skills by using Book 7 and Book 8. The discipline of tidy handwriting is better kept up with a little regular handwriting practice.

Book6, Handwriting Exercise_SamplePDF

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