The Old Testament: Preparation for Christianity – 3 DVD-DL Discs


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The Old Testament: Preparation for Christianity

Tape Description : A set of 3 interesting DVD-DL’s filled with types and prefigurations of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, of Our Lady, and of the Church. Great for catechism. One will see that God prepared with great detail, the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, so that there would be no room for doubt in Him. The future generations would marvel at how God prefigured Our Lord many times over, where and how He would be born, live, and die. One will see that the purpose of the Old Testament was to prepare the way for Christianity. Truly inspiring.

Tape 1: Adam to Moses 87 min


Tape 2: Moses to David 95 min


Tape3: Davidto Jesus Christ,112 min


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