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Book4, Calligraphy_SamplePDF

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A simple step by step introduction to Calligraphy which uses the flat edge tip of a special pen or marker to form decorative letters. As long as the pen nib is held steady at the correct angle while forming the letters, the results are beautiful. This skill is great for designing cards, documents, and labels. A proper calligraphy marker should be purchased for this course and may be found in art and craft stores. Italic Hand is studied indepth while the Gothic and the Uncial Alphabet are included on practice pages. A few interesting projects and ideas are at the end of the book. With practice and perseverence, this artform will enrich the lives of the many who will learn it. Even from as early as ten years old to adult may love to try out this art form to develop a new skill that he or she has admired in many art books and cards. Make sure to check out the sample pages from this book.

Book4, Calligraphy_SamplePDF

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