EBook: Book 5PR, Penmanship With Proverbs


Book5PR, Penmanship with Proverbs_SamplePDF

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We made this little handwriting exercise book geared to grades 4 and 5. It begins by reviewing the letters using the International Alphabet. Then it encourages the student to handwrite 3 proverbs per day but not before guessing the correct word to complete each proverb. An answer key is included on the last page. The model proverb is there for the student to imitate the correct size and the slant of the letters. Letter size is about 1/4″ (3/4 of a line). This book is challenging yet easy to do. Proverbs use both a humorous and practical approach to life situations in each culture. A good store of proverbs in the mind of a young person will help them thoughout life. Check out the sample pages.

Book5PR, Penmanship with Proverbs_SamplePDF

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