EBook: Book 7, Penmanship Skills


Book7, Penmanship Skills_SamplePDF

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An attractive way to improve handwriting skills and perhaps learn some new prayers. The first exercise begins with handwriting (3/4 of the line) a sample alphabet, under the one displayed. Then the student handwrites it into the lined rectangle, the size of a business card, beside the sample. The subsequent practice is handwriting prayers in the same steps as the alphabet, and decorating the outside frame with an eye-pleasing border pattern. The amount of work is minimal and the goal of finishing a day’s practice looks attainable at the outset. With conscientious application and daily practice, a student can have legible handwriting in a short time. After completing this book a student might be encouraged to continue with Book 8 which follows the same format but contains inspiring scripture verse for practice. Scripture verse is helpful throughout our life for our personal formation. Check out our sample pages.

Book7, Penmanship Skills_SamplePDF

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