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This course is recommended for Gr. 6 to Adult. It covers Block letters (also known as Upper Case Manuscript), regular Manuscript printing, and Italic printing. It is good to become proficient at each style of printing because each application requires an appropriate style. For example, the business world uses regular Manuscript printing  almost exclusively. All capitals and letters are 3/4 of the line for neat, efficient, and legible printing. Because of the computer age, more students are printing manuscript instead of handwriting in cursive letters. This course is therefore offered to help the student’s printed work to be neater and more consistent and thereby easier to read. Moreover maps and illustrations need accurate printed labelling both at school and at work. This course requires a minimum of 10 minutes daily practice to improve writing style and to become consistent. At the same time the soul is edified by the thoughts expressed in the Holy Bible (Douay Rheims, 1899). Do your printing with a fine point gel pen or a fine point ballpoint pen. Border patterns are practiced to increase focus and co-ordination. Persevere in printing carefully and in making the borders and shortly you will notice improvement.

Book9, Printing with Finesse_PDF Sample

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