To Sing a Canticle E-Book


To Sing a Canticle is a guide for parents to help their children to find their singing voice and to begin practicing some warm ups and simple hymns that they may learn to sing God’s praises.

Written and Compiled by Mary Picard



To Sing a Canticle is a short course in learning to sing on Key using warm ups and simple songs.

Using the Do Ra Me of Western Music, the course begins by helping students find their singing voice by voice-matching the notes of a piano in C scale. Warm ups are encouraged every lesson as well as simple songs. Memorizing the tones of the Do Ra Me, also called the solfege, is encouraged as the ground work for understanding how songs can have different keys with sharps and flats.

Simple music theory is presented to explain signs and symbols on sheet music. We hope this singing aid enables successful results. We welcome comments.

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