EBook: Book 1, Introducing Printing and Handwriting


Book1, Introducing Printing and Handwriting_SamplePDF

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A pleasing beginning course for the child who is ready to print formally. The simpler letters are introduced first, followed by the more difficult ones. A half page may be completed each day along with perhaps a row of border practice to strengthen muscles and make the page attractive. The letter size is 3/4″.  Printing the alphabet should take up Semester 1 and 2 and handwriting should be given Semester 3 and 4. A testing alphabet is included at the end of both the printing and handwriting section. Instructions for each new letter are given in the left margin to help the tutor explain the method of making each letter. The front cover picture may be coloured in carefully by the student to personalize their own book. After completing Book 1 the student should follow Book 2 which has a slightly smaller letter size ( full scap line size). Check our sample pages.

Book1, Introducing Printing and Handwriting_SamplePDF

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